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Boost Your Network

The SLX 5000 is a high-powered, compact, Pico-class CBSD, with an integrated antenna, providing high-speed coverage in the outdoors and hot or dusty environments, and is mountable on either a wall or a pole. It connects to other components via Ethernet or fiber backhaul, quickly passing data through the system. The SLX 5000’s integrated GPS receiver enables it to stay synced up to the rest of the network.

  • Improved coverage footprint
  • Capable of max EIRP of CAT-B CBSD
  • Fiber backhaul support
  • Flexible antenna options

A service plan is required for CBSD operation on a Nitro network.

Motorola SLX 5000
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Experience a First

Take full control over your communications network and unlock advanced capabilities with Nitro — the first fully managed platform that combines business-critical voice with private broadband data, enabling a unified, seamless, hassle-free operation.

Enterprise-Grade Private Broadband

Nitro offers broadband data speeds, so your teams can share information quickly and efficiently. And with up to four times the range of Wi-Fi, your people will be able to access the network from virtually anywhere on-site, using far fewer access points — whether they’re on densely-packed factory floors, at busy airports or by the loading dock.

Nitro also has twice the capacity of Wi-Fi, so you’ll be able to add more devices to the network without being constrained by low bandwidth or slow speeds. You’ll also be able to free your Wi-Fi for other purposes, like increased or enhanced guest access.

Motorola SLX 5000 CBSD
Experience a first

Get Secure, Enterprise-Grade Broadband
Flowing Across Your Business

Nitro™ enables a seamless, unified operation by combining business-critical voice and private broadband data. Investment in Nitro is an investment in a long-term partner, not just a platform.

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