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The SLN 1000 portable two-way radio is the first purpose-built OnGo radio. It delivers highly reliable broadband push-to-talk*, ensuring your voice conversations sound clear and natural. And its purpose-built design enables you to easily drive productivity, efficiency and safety.

When paired with a Nitro service plan, enjoy simple management through the Nitro Cloud Portal and interoperation with existing MOTOTRBO networks.

*A SIM card is required for device operation.

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Instant voice communications will always be business-critical. Whether your teams are on the front lines with the customer, on busy factory floors or in densely packed warehouses, a single break in voice communication can mean the difference between a broken workflow or worse—a serious accident.


Get full control over your fleet via the Nitro portal—a cloud-based tool that lets you make changes from anywhere. Set up new talkgroups, add users and push device updates in just minutes.

Already a customer? Access the Nitro Cloud Portal here.

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Product Highlights

  • First purpose-built OnGo radio (OnGo 3.5 GHz network compatible) 
  • Simple management through the Nitro Cloud Portal
  • High-fidelity wideband audio 
  • Interoperates with existing MOTOTRBO networks* 
  • Up to 15 hours of battery life 
  • Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz compatible 
  • Compatible with most TLK 100, MOTOTRBO SL300 and SL3500e accessories

*Interoperation is exclusively available through a Nitro network.

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Nitro™ enables a seamless, unified operation by combining business-critical voice and private broadband data. Investment in Nitro is an investment in a long-term partner, not just a platform.

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